tabriz attractions

Some of the tourist attractions include El Goli Tabriz, Tabriz, market garden, Citadel Alishah, Mosque, the tomb of poets, the constitutional home garden Burgundy Golestan and. ..

El Goli:

Only four km lower than the South of Tabriz, and the local people dashtni friend and hangout place in the weekend holiday.

عکس ال گلي تبریز

The national garden of Tabriz:

Be sure to leave before stopping in Tabriz from the national garden, the surrounding hills ... below there is a park and artificial lake in an area of the garden beds in the simulated 54.475 square meters North of Shiraz or Qajar Palace in northern Tehran.

Tabriz Bazaar:

With a walk in the city center of Tabriz, motahari St., you will notice especially that this is considered commercial, urban city. Tabriz Bazaar that is related to the 15th century AD, large, with an area of one square kilometers of bazari. Even though the boom and the level of buying and selling in this market has been led very beautiful architectural styles, but several of the mosque, school, karoansarahay to this place and this particular set has an imposing glory and commercial.

عکس بازار تبریز

Citadel of Ali Shah in Tabriz

Ali Shah mosque or Citadel of the King or the King of the castle of Ali military infrastructure is one of the very luxurious Ali and with greatness in Tabriz. This concerned the solar century mansion 8. By Taj al-Din Ali Shah in a famous Minister of the Mongol ailkhan Khan Anserinae. The main building and gradually viraneh haiyy converter and what of the remaining part of the wall is thick and strong. And other parts have completely lost. Build this into the coming Lunar solar than 716 to 736.

ارگ علی شاه تبریز

The tomb of poets in Tabriz:

As graveyard poets, is famous and renowned poet in the more than 50 Iranian Sofian, scientists and scholars, and shnasan God to have been buried. Is located in the street as abortion. People like Asadi, shroani, tar friabi zhir, Tabrizi, Lim mgharbi, Hooman n Tabrizi, Salman sauji, the famous poet and contemporary and elliptical Ghazi Tabriz late Mohammad Hosein shharia in this place to have been buried.

عکس مقبره شاعران تبریز

Constitutional House of Tabriz:

This is a large mansion near motahari street market is located in Tabriz, during the constitutional revolution which led to the salhaiy and then this House as a place of community leaders, advocates and constitutional movement such as janbdaran Sattar Khan, Bagher Khan, Mirza AQA farshi behaj a.s. abortion use. The Haj, but this two-storey building's architect t. in 1868 he built. The building of corridor and rooms and halls. Splendid mansion of hangars and window section ainen is working rahravii working mirror glass.

عکس خانه مشروطه تبریز

Kbood mosque of Tabriz:

Imam Khomeini Ave. in the North is located in the 15th century AD, caused by an earthquake of Tabriz incident. a. figure of extensive viraneh this recently refurbished and opened to a Masterful production. Due to the color blue tile in external and internal view of the mosque of Islam is known as a lost Turquoise.

عکس مسجد کبود تبریز

Golestan garden, Tabriz:

This National Park, the garden will be called in the Conservatory is located in one of the city's recreational centers. The area where the mria 53000 m. This is the garden of the old cemetery in place in about 60 years ago and where the pool and dock, surrounded by numerous trees and abundant chmanha have been observed.

And dozens of other historic and recreational attraction, sightseeing